EP Instructor News: Summer 2017 Update

You’re busy getting ready for your summer courses. Here are a few updates that we hope will help:


New Conference Lines

We are retiring MeetingOne conference lines in favor of the dial-in lines included with Zoom accounts. Note that this is the phone line some of you used with Adobe Connect. You should instead begin using your Zoom phone line. This gives you a flexible, high quality dial-in line for use in your classes and meetings.

We are providing all summer instructors with these conference lines. If you did not receive your dial-in meeting number and meeting ID, please create a support request or email ep-help-desk@jhu.edu.

Automatic Course Availability

In the past, we opened courses (i.e., made them available) manually at the start of the course. This summer we are setting courses to automatically open May 30th.

What this means for you?

As an instructor, the only change is that a more specific message will display, which includes the availability date next to your course name. But students will not see your course listed until May 30th. If you click on your course, you will notice this message:

When you login and view courses

Course availability screenshot

When you click on your course


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