Faculty Development: Fall Webinar Series

Johns Hopkins Engineering provides a live webinar series offered in connection with the fall faculty meetings. The series provides an opportunity to extend learning beyond the concepts introduced at the meetings.

Web Conferencing and Online Office Hours with Zoom

Whether you’re providing real-time feedback, hosting office hours, teaching a live session, or facilitating group presentations, Zoom can be an essential instructional tool. We will demonstrate relevant features, highlight effective web conferencing strategies, and answer your Zoom questions.

Faculty Conversations: Award-Winning Courses and Trends in Online Learning

At the 2018 Fall Faculty Meeting, Kelly Tzoumis and George Nakos shared information about their award-winning courses. This time, Kelly and George will lead an interactive conversation about their online courses, tips and tricks, and what is in store for their courses in the future!

Developing Online Learning Communities

Learning communities are widely known to help students acquire and retain knowledge, improve key skills such as critical thinking, and feel more connected to their instructor, peers, and institution. Join us as we explore and discuss the importance of creating learning communities and how to apply these promising principles.