JH Engineering Zoom Account Merge

Since Johns Hopkins now has a university-wide contract with Zoom, Johns Hopkins Engineering for Professionals needed to move from jhu.zoom.us to wse.zoom.us. As of April 12, 2019, all members of the Johns Hopkins Engineering community should use wse.zoom.us to request an account and/or to sign in to their account.

How does this impact you?

  • ​You will use wse as your domain instead of jhu when signing in through the Zoom client.
  • This change will have no impact on your past shared meeting information. jhu.zoom.us will continue to work for your existing meetings.
  • You will notice that your meeting link will include wse.zoom.us instead of jhu.zoom.us.
  • You will sign in to your account through the web at wse.zoom.us instead of jhu.zoom.us.
  • If you shared past cloud recording links that you would like to remain active, you will need to change the link to wse.zoom.us.

When did this change occur?
Friday, April 12th @ 8pm ET

Who do you contact if you have questions or need help?