Course Quality Review

Course Info
Course ID: EN.625.201.81 General Applied Mathematics
Course Description:
This course is designed for students whose prior background does not fully satisfy the mathematics requirements for admission and/or for students who wish to take a refresher course in applied mathematics. The course provides a review of differential and integral calculus in one or more variables. It covers elementary linear algebra and differential equations, including first- and second-order linear differential equations. Basic concepts of matrix theory are discussed (e.g., matrix multiplication, inversion, and eigenvalues/eigenvectors).

Primary Program: Applied and Computational Mathematics
James C. Spall

Course Organization Met/Not Met Recommendation
CO1: Course content is clearly organized into learning modules or units. No Revision Needed
CO2: Course navigation is present, logical, consistent, and effective. No Revision Needed
CO3: Getting Started page clearly outlines how to get started in the course site. No Revision Needed

Course Information Materials Met/Not Met Recommendation
CIM1: Course contains all course information documents including syllabus, course outline, and instructor bio. No Revision Needed
CIM2: Course syllabus uses the most recent template containing accurate text relating to school policies and disability services. No Revision Needed
CIM3: Course objectives are measurable and align with course assessment strategy. No Revision Needed

Module/Unit Design Met/Not Met Recommendation
MD1: The module-level learning objectives are measurable and present at the start of each module. No Revision Needed
MD2: The module contains guidance on how to successfully navigate through and complete required components. No Revision Needed
MD3: Module layout is logical and easy for the user to navigate. Recommended Revision

Video presentation structure needs to be modified to current standards and discussion questions posted in the module rather than just on the discussion page.

MD4: All existing external and internal links work. No Revision Needed
MD5: Naming conventions for individual items are consistent throughout the course. No Revision Needed

Course Materials Met/Not Met Recommendation
CM1: Course materials such as PowerPoint and Word files and those used in creating videos use templates that show accurate EP branding. Essential Revision

Most all of the videos need to be updated to include original EP branding.

CM2: Course materials use universal design best practices as outlined in the Accessibility Checklist. Recommended Revision

Videos need to be reviewed and adjusted for accessibility.

CM3: Readings in the course are listed through Ereserves. No Revision Needed

Some of the readings are from required textbooks and others are included in eReserves.

Interaction Met/Not Met Recommendation
I1: Expectations for timely and regular feedback from the instructor are clearly stated in the course syllabus. Recommended Revision

It is lightly mentioned but needs to be stressed in various places in the syllabus.

I2: Students have an opportunity to get to know the instructor and one another at the start of the course. No Revision Needed
I3: Course offers opportunities for student to student and student to instructor interaction and constructive collaboration. No Revision Needed

Plenty of discussion opportunities throughout the course.

Activities & Assessment Met/Not Met Recommendation
AA1: Course grading policies, including consequences of late submissions, are clearly stated in the course syllabus. No Revision Needed
AA2: Course assessment strategy includes frequent and appropriate methods to assess students’ mastery of content that align with course learning objectives. Recommended Revision

Use problems other then textbook problems where solutions can sometimes be found on the web.

AA3: Assessments require high-level mastery on the Bloom’s Taxonomy of learning. No Revision Needed
AA4: Criteria for the assessment of a graded assignment are clearly articulated (e.g., rubrics, exemplary work). No Revision Needed
AA5: Students have opportunities to review their performance through ungraded practice assessments. Recommended Revision

Practice problems are not included in the course and would be helpful.

Accessibility Met/Not Met Recommendation
A1: The course employs accessible technologies. Essential Revision
A2: Course content materials can be interpreted through use of assistive technologies such as screen readers. Essential Revision

Convert videos using the new template.

A3: All visual media has explanatory alternative text (alt tags). Essential Revision

Not included although this will be difficult based on the content for this course.

Academic Integrity Met/Not Met Recommendation
AI1: Assessments clearly define expectations of academic integrity (e.g., no collaboration). No Revision Needed

Might be a couple to adjust but most do.

AI2: Effective strategies are incorporated to reduce the risk of misconduct. No Revision Needed

Integrity policy is noted and individual work is required in the course.

AI3: Use of a plagiarism detection tool (e.g., SafeAssign, TurnitIn) for pertinent assessment. Recommended Revision

SafeAssign could be employed throughout. This is currently not done and it is difficult to do with math.submissions.

Overall Notes/Analysis

The course mainly needs to be refreshed and brought up to current standards for accessibility. I will consult with the instructor as to whether the content is up-to-date or needs to revised or adjusted.

Total Rubric Components Total Number of Revision Needed Total Revision Percentage
28 14 0.25

Reviewer: Robert Armstrong (