Kaltura’s My Media, Media Gallery, and Playlists


  • My Media Module (Accessing Media From The Blackboard Home Page)
    • How To Access Kaltura’s My Media Module
    • How To Manage Your Media
  • Course Media Gallery (Accessing Media From Within Your Course)
    • How to Navigate Kaltura’s Media Gallery
    • How to Publish to A Media Gallery
    • How to Add Course Media Gallery Files to A Course
    • How to Add The Media Gallery as A Tool Link
  • How to Add a Playlist in a Blackboard Item
    • Creating a Kaltura Playlist
    • Embedding a Kaltura Playlist in a Blackboard Item

My Media

Kaltura’s My Media is a private, personal library of media created or uploaded by the user. The My Media area allows instructors to manage (add, create, delete, edit and publish) their media from one location.

How To Access Kaltura’s My Media Module:

  1. Log into Blackboard
  2. Locate the My Media module on the Blackboard homepage and click on the My Media Link
  3. Your Media Space

If you do not see the My Media module, you can add it by following these steps:

  1. Click Add Module on your My Institution page.
  2. In the search box type “My Media.”
  3. Click Add.
  4. Once added, click OK.

How To Manage Your Media From Kaltura’s My Media Module:

  1. You can Add New Media
  2. Click on the Actions tab to publish and delete media. Note: Media can be bulk published or deleted from here. The Publish option allows faculty to add media to one or more courses Media Galleries and to add other people as Publishers or Editors.

Course Media Gallery

In addition to My Media, a Kaltura Media Gallery is available in every Blackboard course. Instructors can publish media (lectures, office hours recordings, student presentations) to the course Media Gallery for review and use by all members of that specific course (students, instructors, teaching assistants, graders).

How to Navigate Kaltura’s Media Gallery

  1. Every Blackboard course has a Kaltura Media Gallery, where instructors can share media with other instructors. To access a course’s Media Gallery, open the desired course in Blackboard.
  2. From the Control Panel select Course Tools and then Media Gallery.

How to Publish to A Media Gallery:

  1. All media created or uploaded to a user’s Kaltura My Media is available on this page.
  2. To add
  3. Once the desired media have been identified or added in My Media, check the box next to the media files to publish to the course Media Gallery.
  4. After selecting the media files to share in the course Media Gallery click Publish.
  5. The selected files are now available in the course Media Gallery. All instructors in the course can view media added to the Media Gallery.

How to Add Course Media Gallery Files to A Course:

  1. Once you have added media to your course Media Gallery you and other course Instructors can access and use this media wherever they have access to Blackboard’s content editor.
  2.  See the Uploading a Video to Blackboard article on how to use the Kaltura Mashup tool to add videos to your Blackboard course.

How to Add The Media Gallery as A Tool Link:

The Media Gallery can be added as a tool link to the left hand panel in Blackboard, this is useful if you want students to have access to a central video repository.

Click the + button at the top of the left hand panel and then select Tool Link. For the Type you will want to choose Media Gallery, you can name the tool link something different than Media Gallery if you prefer. You will also need to check the box Make Available to All Users.

How to Add a Playlist in a Blackboard Item:

Once you’ve set up the Media Gallery for your course site, you can set up module playlists, like the one shown below. The playlist feature simplifies navigation allowing students to access all module videos in one central location rather than scrolling through a long list within a Blackboard content folder.

Kaltura playlist feature in Blackboard. One video with a list of subsequent videos along the right-hand side.

Creating a Kaltura Playlist:

  1. Go to the course Media Gallery. Ensure your videos are added to the Media Gallery (see steps above).
  2. Click the Channel Actions button, and then click Edit. The Edit Media Gallery page displays.
    Blue arrow pointing to the Channel Actions button, with Edit and Analytics on the drop-down.
  3. Click the Playlists tab. The list of playlists displays.
  4. Click Create new, and then click Manual playlist. The Create a Manual Playlist dialogue box displays.
  5. Add a title, description, and tags (minimally video author last name and course number) in the applicable spaces.
    Create a Manual Playlist Dialogue Box with Title, Description, and Tags Fields. "Caban" and "605.262" are included in the tags field. Save button also pictured.
  6. Click Add Media. The Media Gallery drop-down selector displays.
  7. Click Add next to the media you want to add to the manual playlist. (Note: you can add videos to more than one playlist if you would like).
  8. Ensure the videos are displayed in the proper order. If they’re not in the proper order, you can reorder them using the drag-and-drop handles on the left of the video title.
  9. Click Save. The manual playlist now displays in the list of playlists on the Playlists tab.

Create a Manual Playlist dialogue box illustrating how to add media, rearrange media, and save media.

Embedding a Kaltura Playlist in a Blackboard Item:

  1. On the Edit Media Gallery page and on the Playlists tab, click Embed. The Embed Playlist dialog box displays.
    Playlists tab of the Create Playlist page displayed with an arrow pointing to a pencil icon indicating how to edit a playlist. A curved arrow also pointing to the Embed link.
  2. For Playlist Layout, select Horizontal (recommended).
  3. Select the code text and copy it to your system clipboard (CTRL-C [PC] | Command-C [Mac]).
  4. Paste the code into a text editor (recommended).
  5. Click Cancel.
    Embed Playlist dialog box
  6. Navigate to the Blackboard area in which you would like to embed the playlist.
  7. In the Blackboard horizontal navigation, click Build Content, and then click Item.
  8. Type a Name for the item (e.g., Module 1 Videos)
  9. Set the Color of Name to the Color value #0067ac and click Apply.
  10. In the Text editor, click the HTML button in the toolbar. The HTML code view window displays.
  11. In the HTML code view window, paste the embed code.
  12. Click Update. The blank video player frame displays in the text field.
  13. Click Submit. The playlist displays in the item you created.