Lightboard Introduction

Screenshot: Ed Scheinerman annotates on a Lightboard

Johns Hopkins Engineering for Professionals is excited to provide instructors with a new, innovative tool for creating engaging course content: the Lightboard.

The Lightboard is a sheet of edge-lit glass that makes writing glow. The text is then automatically flipped for the camera. This allows instructors to face viewers when writing out concepts, diagrams, and equations. The Lightboard is basically a whiteboard optimized for video. Want to see it in action? Watch this quick demo:

Introduction to the Lightboard

Annotating Slides

The Lightboard also allows annotating presentation slides that are projected onto the glass. Slides used with the Lightboard must have a black background. Keep the slides simple with minimal text. Your instructional designer can help you develop an optimized template for your Lightboard session. You can access our Lightboard PowerPoint Template here.

Best Practices

Keep it short
The Lightboard format works best with carefully planned micro-lectures that are centered on a single topic.

What to wear

  • Avoid light colored clothing (these colors will make it difficult to read the text)
  • Avoid clothing with text, logos, or complex patterns

Prepare a script
Preparing a simple script to help guide your Lightboard session will keep you on topic and efficient.

Format Your Presentation
If you’re using slides, please use our Lightboard PowerPoint Presentation Template.


Get Started

The Lightboard studio is located in the APL MP4 building. The best way to get started using the Lightboard would be to schedule a meeting with an instructional designer. Interested?

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