Live Streaming with YouTube and Wirecast

Tech Talk Live Streaming – YouTube with Wirecast

to the YouTube Account:



Password: email for the password

Use YouTube as: Johns Hopkins Engineering for Professionals

  • Go to Video Manager and select Live Events
  • To schedule an Event, enter Title, Description, Date and Time (type should be Custom) then press Create Event
  • Upload thumbnail image of slide from Marketing
  • Basic Ingestion setting 720p and select an Encoder (Wirecast), then save changes

Ready to Stream Live Wirecast:

  • Go to Output> Output Settings> You may have to authenticate the YouTube account (see above details for username and password information)
  • After authentication, it should pull in the Event. If it doesn’t then click on the down arrow to select the correct event. Click Ok when done.
  • Click Stream to make the connection to YouTube

Ready to Stream Live YouTube:

  • Go to your scheduled Live event and go into Live Control Room. Check to see if you are getting a signal from YouTube.
  • Click Preview and then click Start Streaming to go Live
  • Note: This page needs to stay up throughout the entire broadcast

Stop Live Stream:

  • Stop Live Stream from YouTube

Wirecast Notes: