Uploading a Video to Blackboard

The best way to upload a video to Blackboard is through Kaltura, Johns Hopkins Engineering’s video platform. The benefits to uploading this way include better playability on mobile devices and improved streaming for students with weaker internet connections, as well as easier captioning, editing, and video player controls.

Here’s how to upload your video to Kaltura in Blackboard:

  1. In any content area in Blackboard (e.g., Announcement, Discussion, Item, Module, etc.), click on Mashups

    Click on Mashups and then click on Kaltura Media

  2. Click on Add New –> Media Upload

    Click on Add New and Media Upload

  3. Chose the video file you want to upload and wait for it to process. Optionally give your video a description and some tags.

    Click on Choose a File to Upload to select a file from your computer

  4. Now you can select the video to add it to your course

    Select video from your list of videos

That’s it. If you have questions feel free to reach out to ep-help-desk@jhu.edu.