Zoom Quick Start Guide

What is Zoom?

Zoom is a service that not only provides video conferencing and mobile collaboration, it also acts as a conference line, and WSE EP’s Zoom Webinar account can host meetings for up to 500 people.

Feature Highlights

Personal Conference Line
Zoom conference line screenshot
Personal Meeting Link
Simple User Interface
Zoom screenshot
Blackboard Integration
Zoom Blackboard Integration

How Do I Request a Zoom Account

Users in the Whiting School of Engineering (including the Engineering for Professionals program) should fill out the below form or email ep-help-desk@jhu.edu

Other JHU personnel (eg: Krieger School of Arts & Sciences, School of Nursing, etc) should visit https://uis.jhu.edu/zoom/ or email zoom@jhu.edu

Students should visit https://jhubluejays.zoom.us/ or email zoom@jhu.edu

EP Help Desk

Source Course Information

What course content do you want copied?
Example: EN.605.202.81.FA17

Destination Course Information

We will copy the course content you list above (source course) in to your new course section or course shell. Please provide information on your new course section below.
Example: EN.605.202.81.SP18
Note: Do not use this form to submit high risk data.

How Do I Download Zoom

  1. Go to the WSE EP Zoom site and/or click Download Zoom
  2. Download the desktop app for your Windows PC or Mac or the mobile app for your iOS or Android device

How Do I Customize My Account

Note: It’s optional to configure your account. You are welcome to use the default settings, which will be ideal for most people.

  1. Go to the WSE EP Zoom site
  2. Click Sign In
    Sign into Zoom JHU EP
  3. Enter your JHED-ID and password and click Login
    JHED ID Login Screenshot
  4. OPTIONAL: Click on My Profile and customize your personal meeting link and/or meeting IDMy Profile Zoom JHU EP
  5. Click on My Meeting Settings and configure to suit your needs
  6. Click on My Meetings and Personal Meeting Room and configure your default settings
    Zoom personal meeting settings screenshot

Below are frequently asked questions about Zoom:

There are a number of ways you can start your meeting. You can launch a meeting from your desktop application, from your mobile app, from Blackboard, and from the WSE EP Zoom site. Here are the steps:
1. Go to wse.zoom.us and click on Host a Meeting and select the option that best suits your meeting
Click host a meeting and then select meeting option
or open the Zoom desktop app and select start a meeting
Start a meeting in the zoom desktop app by clicking Start with video
or open Zoom mobile app and click Start or Schedule Meeting

Invite some people to your meeting by either sending them the meeting link or using the Invite feature in Zoom.
You can find your meeting link and information by copying the invitation for your personal meeting room.

Yes! Please go to the Zoom Download Center and download the Zoom Plug-in for Microsoft Outlook, and install it. This is what you will see when you schedule your next meeting:
Outlook integration with Zoom screenshot

Another way to accomplish this is by adding your Zoom meeting details into the Location field on an appointment. Then, it will be available as an option in the Location dropdown for future meetings.

Add Zoom meeting to Outlook appointment screenshot

Yes! Zoom takes security seriously and provided a whitepaper to detail some of their security features and approaches including end-to-end encryption, firewall configuration info, password protected meetings, etc. You can read more about this here:
By default, your account is configured with a Personal Meeting room that is always available for ad hoc meetings. Your meeting ID is yours and never expires, so your participants use the same URL and the same phone numbers and meeting ID to join all of your Zoom meetings.
If you have a JHED-ID, you should login with your JHED-ID and password. Depending on where you login, here are the instructions:

Zoom Web Portal
You can login to the web portal by going to wse.zoom.us and clicking Sign In.
Sign into Zoom JHU EP

Zoom Desktop Apps (Mac or PC)
Open Zoom on your computer and then click Login with SSO and use wse for the domain.
Login with SSO Zoom

Zoom Mobile Apps (Android or iOS)
1. Download the Zoom app in the Google Play or Apple App Store
2. Click on Sign In
mobile zoom sign in step 1 - click Sign In
3. Click SSO
Mobile sign in with Zoom step 2 - click SSO
4. Type “wse” into the open field

5. Login with your JHED-ID and password
Zoom mobile login step 4 - login with JHED-ID

Fortunately, Zoom has great documentation and can help you troubleshoot issues you might be experiencing.

If you have questions that aren’t answered here, please contact the EP Help Desk.
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