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The Lightboard studio is available to all Johns Hopkins Engineering instructors. We have two lightboard studio locations: 1. APL Lightboard Studio, in the MP4 building on the Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) Montpelier Campus at 7703 Montpelier Road, and 2. Stieff Studio B, located in the Stieff Silver Building on the JHU Homewood campus at 800 Wyman Park Drive, Suite 110. Use the form below to request a time to use the studio. You will be assisted throughout the process by an instructional designer and a multimedia tech.

Schedule a Lightboard Session

Recommendation: For 5 minutes of presentation content, plan to spend 30 minutes in the Lightboard studio.
Location: Stieff Silver Building located here. MP4 Building located here.
Hours of Operation: The studio is open Monday through Friday, pending staff availability, and excluding holidays. Studio time must be scheduled 48 hours in advance.
In what course will this be used?
Important Notes

  • We will follow up with next steps, potential conflicts, and final confirmation
  • If you are using slides, please use either the PowerPoint Lightboard slide template or the Beamer (LaTeX) Lightboard presentation template or make sure your slides have a black background and use large, white text
  • Do not wear very light colored clothing (these colors will make text difficult to read)
  • Do not wear clothing with text, logos, or complex patterns
  • The Lightboard format works best with carefully planned micro-lectures that are centered on a single topic
  • Preparing a simple script to help guide your Lightboard session will keep you on topic and efficient

View these demo videos for reference